Wooden Turkish Recurve Bow Traditional Medieval Ottoman Composite Bow Laminated Horse Archery Bow for Target Archery Or Hunting Archery

In terms of production method and material, it is an professional handmade craft wooden ottoman horseback bow(turkish bow), which is not neglected in terms of speed and aesthetics, as well as its robust and user tolerance. Its laminated composite turkish bow.

It is ideal for equestrian archery and hunting with its resistance to water, temperature and impact. It's crafted with leather

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In terms of production method and material, it is an professional handmade craft wooden ottoman horseback bow(turkish bow), which is not neglected in terms of speed and aesthetics, as well as its robust and user tolerance. Its laminated composite turkish bow.

It is ideal for equestrian archery and hunting with its resistance to water, temperature and impact. It's crafted with leather.

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Technical Specifications

-Nock to Nock Length: 125 cm

-Bow Height:109cm

-Draw Length: 28inches (74cm)

-Power:25-60 lbs

-Universal grip



Allresin(fiberglass+resin+some mix)

Production Time

About 4 week(may vary according to workload)



*Bow string
*Bow sock

What is the Recurve Bow?


A recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. A recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to the arrow. A recurve will permit a shorter bow than the simple straight limb bow for a given arrow energy and this form was often preferred by archers in environments where long weapons could be cumbersome, such as in brush and forest terrain, or while on horseback.


Recurved limbs also put greater stress on the materials used to make the bow, and they may make more noise with the shot. Extreme recurves make the bow unstable when being strung. An unstrung recurve bow can have a confusing shape and many Native American weapons, when separated from their original owners and cultures, were incorrectly strung backwards and destroyed when attempts were made to shoot them

 Available Painting Type

Please choose one of the patterns below and give us information via e-mail or chat.



Terminology of Recurve Bow's


Arrow rest

Where the arrow rests during draw. These may be simple fixed rests or may be spring-loaded or magnetic flip rests.


The face of the bow on the opposite side to the string


The face of the bow on the same side as the string

Bow sight

An aiming aid attached to the riser

Brace height

The distance between the deepest part of the grip and the string; fistmele is the traditional term, referring to the equivalent length of a closed fist with the thumb extended, indicating the proper traditional distance used between the deepest part of the grip and the string.


The part of the bow held by the bow hand


The upper and lower working parts of the bow, which come in a variety of different poundages

Nocking point

The place on the bowstring where the nock (end) of an arrow is fitted


The rigid centre section of a bow to which the limbs are attached


The cord that attaches to both limb tips and transforms stored energy from the limbs into kinetic energy in the arrow


A strap or cord attached to the bow handle, wrist or fingers to prevent the bow from falling from the hand

Tab or thumb ring

A protection for the digits that draw the string. Also provides better release performance. Usually made of leather.


The difference between the limb-string distances measured where the limbs are attached to the riser. Usually the upper distance is slightly more than the bottom one, resulting in a positive tiller. Reflects the power-balance between both limbs.



Turkish Bow


The Turkish bow is a recurved composite bow used in the Medieval Ottoman Empire. The construction is similar to that of other classic Asiatic composite bows, with a wooden core (maple was most desirable), animal horn on the belly (the side facing the archer), and sinew on the front, with the layers secured together with Animal glue. However, several Features of the Turkish bow are distinct. The curvature tends to be more extreme when the bow is unstrung, with the limbs curling forward into the shape of the letter inchesCinches. With some bows, the rigid tips of the limbs (incheskasaninches) even touch. The grip area is not recessed like other Asianic bows and is fairly flat on the belly, while the front of the grip bulges outwards.


The dramatic curvature of the bows makes stringing them very different from straighter bows found in Europe. There is an old saying in Turkey that there are inches120 ways to string a bow,inches though the most common methods involve sitting on ground with one's feet pressed against the grip. Heavier bows usually require the use of a long, looped strap called a incheskemendinches to pull the limbs back and hold them while the string is seated.


In 1794, in a field outside London, the Turkish ambassador’s secretary used a Turkish bow and arrow to shoot 415 yeards, partially against the wind, and 482 yards with the wind. He said on a plain near Constantinople pillars were located that commemorate distances of 800 yards achieved with Turkish bows and arrows in ancient times.


For many years the excellence of Turkish bows could be seen from historical records. In 1910 an archery contest was held on the beach at Le Touquet, France, where Ingo Simon was able to shoot an arrow 434 m using an old Turkish composite bow requiring a force of 440N or 99 lb.





Like many other Eastern archery styles, Turkish archery uses a inchesthumb draw,inches employing a type of grip called inchesmandal.inches This grip prevents the arrow from moving if the archer is on a horse and/or firing at an unusual angle. The draw itself is relatively short, usually under the chin or by the cheek, compared to archery styles in China or Japan where the nock is pulled past the head. When the arrow is released, the draw arm is kept relatively steady rather than allowing the arm to swing backwards.


Turkish archers developed several unique techniques to aid in combat. One was the practice of holding several arrows in between the fingers of the draw hand, allowing fast repeat shots. Another was inchesJarmakeeinches which involves drawing the bow with the draw arm going behind the head so as the fire at a steep downward angle. This was used to fire from atop walls down at enemy troops.



Mounted Archers of Archaic Turks


Some authors believe that Turks originated from Huns, but the word “Turk” was first mentioned in Chinese sources in the 6th century for a Turkish nation called “Blue Turk Empire” (Gokturks). Although the archaic Turkish archery has not been very well documented specifically, the information about the steppe people gives an idea about it. Other than old Greek, Roman and Byzantian scripts, archaeological excavations made by the former USSR scientists enlightened many points of the nomadic life and culture. Despite the fact that there are different kinds of nomadism, in the current context, nomads are pastoralists who follow their animal herds, as they search for food and water. Nomadic steppe peoples were tribal or clan-based entities and their leaders achieved their status and political power by their personal abilities. The unification of tribes of different ethnic origins under the commandement of such leaders was not rare. Cultural, genetic and military interactions made it possible to talk about a “common mounted archery culture” which can easily be representative for early pre-Islamic Turkish horseback archery. This cultural complex, widely known as “Scythian Triad”, is typical with the content of their tombs: weapons made of bronze and iron, equipment of horsemanship and the so-called “animal-style” art. Warriors were burried with their weapons and horses, so the tombs offer great information.


The earliest written sources of other cultures about the steppe folks were dated to the first millenium BC and these steppe people were referred as Scythians, as named by Herodotus or Saka, as called by Iranians. After the Scythians, historically we next encounter the Sarmatians who came as aggressors and finally occupied all Scythian land. Both groups of steppe people were speaking Iranian languages (at least their leaders were) and closely related to the Medes and Persians who themselves originated on the steppe. The Scythian culture became widespread among Altai people from which the Turks come from. This is quite important and may be the earliest example of the interactions between the Turkic and Persian cultures.




1) We accept payment via PayPal/Credit Card.

2) Unpaid item case will be opened if the item is not paid after 4 days.



Please reconfirm the shipping address in your after the Payment.
We have free express shipping for Usa and Europe country. Its take 2-3 bussiness day of delivery.
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This bow have 1 years warranty. But's except bad using like that:

*55lb+ bow bows not have warranty

*Hitting hard objects(hitting on stone etc.)

*Overdraw(Draw 32inches-33inches)

*Editing to bow surface(cutting or using some chemicals)

Else we accept exchanges and we send new bow(same lbs and same draw Length) but you must pay shipping charges.

*If you want return&exchange in the scope of warranty you need to follow these steps:

1-) Ship the bow in your hand with the bow string to us completely.

2-) Indicate that there is a return on the cargo and write the value of the goods as $10 (if anything other than the information written here, the goods will be returned to you via the postal administration), the postage fee for returning the product you bought to us is yours.

3-) When the damaged bow that we sold to you reaches us, it will be examined by our team and it will be determined whether the product is a user error or not. If it is a user error, no refund will be made. If there is damage due to a material defect, you will be given a full refund or replace.



1) Please contact us first before you start a return.

2) The item comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. (Exception article 7)

3) If the item is defective or not as described, we will take the responsibility.

4) If you purchased wrong item, don't like it or don't need it any more, the return shipping fee will be at your cost.

5) Our warranty does not extended to any products that are not under normal operating conditions as a result of misuse or improper installation on the buyer/user's part.

6) We accept the return within 30 days after you receive the item. But you need pay for the shipment. After we received your return, we will refund you immediately.

7) Our warranty does not extended to 50lbs + wood products(For example 60lbs bow)


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