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Shaman Dress Clothing Costume Accessories Drum Set Shamanic Healing Ceremonie Larp Costume

It's an professional handcrafted shaman clothing costume.

Fabric:Original Leather

Drum diameter :50,60,70 cm. Drum leather:Lambskin and wood

Including :1.Full set Including: Dress, Accessories and Drum

If you choose custom made, please send us all the measurements we need

822.50 (MYR) 588.09 (MYR)

Javanese Quiver Archery Back Quiver Traditional Leather Horseback Archery Hip Quiver Belt Quiver with Traditional Motif

Horseback archery hip quiver, belt quiver.

Horseback archery hip quiver, bow case and belt bag with belt include embossed high detailed Traditional Motif. It's veg tanned leather Turkish traditional horse archery quiver, its called for "tirkes". It's used for mounted archery. I uploaded photos taken at other times, you can look them.
904.75 (MYR) 822.50 (MYR)

Wooden Archery Arrow For Recurve Longbow Bow Medieval Traditional Ottoman Hunting Shoot with White Turkey Feather

It's wooden handcraft item with a used turkey feather. Feather color is white. It's Traditional Turkish arrows.

I have taken the last examples of the Ottoman Empire and museum examples.

It's free shipping for word wide, or have 3-4 days delivery(USA) express shipping services its cheap!

It will be varnished if you want, please write in the message. And tell me your preferred nock type ram nock type or standard. I use natural color, birds and plants!

From 107.98 (MYR)

Wooden Archery Thumb Ring Traditional Medieval Archery Thumb Finger Ring Crafting Hunting Target Archery Thumb Ring Finger Protector

It's a handcrafted boxwood archery thumb ring.

After the order please tell me for color and type of ring.

What is a Archer Thumb Ring?

A thumb ring is a piece of equipment designed to protect the thumb during archery. This ring was often made of leather, stone, animal horn, wood, ivory, metal, or glass, and now even plastic

227.13 (MYR)

Scythian Arrows Barrelled Arrow Turkish Ottoman Archery Arrows Historical Replica

It's a wooden handcraft item with a used turkey feather and wooden nock . The feather color is white or black natural colour. It's Traditional Scythian arrows.

I have taken the last examples of the museum examples and history books

493.50 (MYR) 411.25 (MYR)

Mongolian Bow Traditional Horse Bow Recurve Bow Mounted Archery Bow Target Archery Short Bow 20 - 70 pound All Resin

It's an professional Mongolian bow handmade craft all-resin ottoman bow(turkish bow), which is not neglected in terms of speed and aesthetics, as well as its robust and user tolerance. Its usable for target archery, its have great performance please check review video.

It's not beginner bow, this for made for professional traditional archers.

I have express shipping option!(its will delivered to 2-4days for USA)

It's promotion price for this place, i will increase price

From 1,079.78 (MYR)