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Kurulus Osman Ghazi Armor Blue Costume Ottoman Turkish Armor Kaftan Shirt Pants Boot set resurrection Osman cosplay costume armor

It's a professional handcrafted Kurulus Osman Osman Ghazi armor Costume for Turkish warriors. Original cow leather used. All detail is handcrafted stitches are hand sewing, no machines. Just in accordance with traditional production. Its leather armour. Its used for real fighting and larp events.
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Aragorn Gondor Bracers Lord of the rings cosplay leather bracers vambrace

Its' LOTHR Aragorn Bracers, Gondor ,insignia is engraved on genuine leather.

All detail is handcrafted stitches is hand sewing, no any machines. Just in accordance with traditional production.

₺3.715,60 ₺2.229,36

Compound Bow Archery Hunting For Hunters Professional Hunting Bow

It's an professional compound bow ,Its usable for target archery, horse back archery, its have great performance please check review video.

I have express shipping option!(its will delivered to 2-4days for USA)

It's promotion price for this place, i will increase price

From ₺4.877,84

Kayi Tribe Ring Ertugrul Archery Thumbring 925 Silver Traditional Medieval Archery Thumb Finger Ring Crafting Wrist Hunting Horse

Our archery thumb rings have a smooth and smooth surface.

They are resistant to deformation and water, the patterns are compressed between two layers and never wiped.

100% suitable for shooting. It also can be used for accessories

From ₺853,62

Archery Quiver Horse Bow Holster set Turkish Traditional Quiver with Traditional Motif

Horseback archery hip quiver, belt quiver.

Horseback archery hip quiver, bow holster and belt bag with belt include embossed high detailed Traditional Motif. It's veg tanned leather Turkish traditional horse archery quiver, its called for "tirkes". It's used for mounted archery. I uploaded photos taken at other times, you can look them.
₺2.786,70 ₺1.857,80

Lord Of The Rings Uruk Hai Helmet Mask Hand Of Saruman Orc Handforged Steel Helmet

It's handsmithed medieval helmet.

Material:Decapitation steel is 1mm thick sheet metal

₺6.502,30 ₺4.644,50