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It's an professional Turkish short sipahi bow handmade all-resin horseback archery bow(horse bow), which is not neglected in terms of speed and aesthetics, as well as its robust and user tolerance. Its usable for target archery, horse back archery, its have great performance please check review video.

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Speed Demon
I look at archery and break down three categories of performance: speed, power, and precision. This all resin bow delivers. It cheerfully does everything I ask of it at any range from three meters to thirty and it throws the arrows with heavy authority.
The draw experience is very smooth and at 28 inches I don’t feel much by way of stacking and there are no unsettling creaking or grinding sounds. The arrow pass is very narrow, probably between .0625 and .75 inches. This aids greatly in precision because the bow is closer to center shot than my others. This is important to me in the heavier draw weight because my bow hand wrist does not move in as fluid a khatra as it does with my lighter bows.
One thing that really impresses me is the thought put into the reinforcing. You can see distinct ribs and built up areas where the bow takes stress. This is important to provide the strength to withstand heavier draw weights while retaining a sense of aliveness in hand and keeping the limb weight and hand shock to a minimum while providing excellent flight speed.
In the video I’m shooting at 20yards, as far as I can safely shoot in my yard, I didn’t get a picture of the grouping, but you can see when the target rocks that I can keep a tight group. My next milestone will be decreasing the time between arrows.
So, in one line,
Shoot this bow and you won’t want to put it down.
Rob | 2021-08-02 6:43 PM
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A portable cannon
I bought this little piece of art and i'm already loving it! 40lbs of pure power.
For the finisher: I love your hand paint! Really a lovely piece of art!
Now i've my first choice bow!
Paride | 2021-07-21 6:00 PM
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60 lbs ottoman turkish bow
An amazing looking and sturdy piece of art, this ottoman style turkish bow has a high quality and robust construction, with leather finishing and painting details. Is very well balanced in weight and the 60 lbs drawing force is felt when putting the string.
The customer service was very friendly and promptly answered any concerns I had.
Sergiu | 2020-12-17 11:28 PM
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Amazing bow!
I just recently recieved this bow and I love it already! It is my first time shooting any type of horse bow but I am very familiar with instinctive archery. After about 15 shots I was consistantly on the target , and after about 30 I had my first Robin Hood. This bow is so fast and accurate that I am gonna have to set up at least 3 targets to avoid another split arrow. I highly recomend it and the customer service is great!
Collin | 2020-11-30 8:47 PM
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From Japan!
We are Japanese parents. I have 36 years of Japanese bow experience. My son is 8 years old.
I am interested in traditional Turkish bows as I study the world's bow culture.
It's a wonderful bow. The short bow is very manageable and very smooth for my son to draw.
The speed of the arrow is fast and the accuracy is high.
Very colorful arrows not only have a good design, but also have a high accuracy.
It is 15 meters away.
I am satisfied because Turkish bows are very rare in Japan.
Maeda | 2020-07-06 6:14 PM
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Fantastic Painted Bow!
I bought it at the beginning of March, the product arrived yesterday. It took a little longer because I wanted extra painting, but despite the cargo corona, it reached USA in 4 days. I tested it in my garden, it's quite satisfying! Thank you.
Cason | 2020-04-04 2:46 AM
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Great Bow
I Buy this bow and very appearance it.
Robert | 2019-12-23 1:27 PM
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