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Game Of Thrones Letter Opener Miniature Ice Sword Ned Eddard Stark 8inches

Game Of Thrones Miniature Ice sword, from TV and film Game of Thrones, 7.9inches or 20cm long, 0.18kg net, brand new handmade, pointed and unsharpened;

Stainless steel blade, polish mirror-like finish with black engraving inchesA SONG OF ICE AND FIREinches on one side, 14.5cm long, 0


Japanese Katana & Wakizashi Real Steel 1045 Shirasaya Samurai Sword Sharp Blade New Brand Supply 41 inch /30 Inch To Choice

It's handsmithed katana & wakizashi sword.

Overall Length:104CM;78cm

Blade Length(without Habaki):71CM;53cm

Handle Length: 28CM;24cm

Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel,with hohi(groove)

Blade Feature: sanding polished

Blade Thickness: 7.0mm

Blade Width: 3.2cm

Scabbard (Saya)Material:Hard wooden

Scabbard (Saya) Length:74cm;56cm

Blade Edge: Razor sharp

Habaki Material: brass

Packing: carton box,with black bag

Please contact us and read the following instructions before purchase

€190.14 €150.02

Lord Of The Rings The Hobbit Elven King Sword Of Thranduil Scabbard & Wood Display 26.9inches Cosplay RUNES

LOTHR Sword of Thranduil, from The Hobbit, gold or silver, 26.9inches or 68cm long, 0.7kg net, 1.6kg with display and scabbard, brand new, 1:1 replica, die casting, pointed, unsharpened;

Stainless steel blade, mirror polished, full black paintings with silver beautiful vines and leaves representing the forests of Greenwood, 47cm long, 2

€223.78 €175.02

Japanese Red Katana Damascus Steel Shirasaya Samurai Sword Sharp Blade New Brand Supply 40.6inches

It's handsmithed Katana sword, its maded with damascus steel, please read all desciption.

Overall Length: 103cm/40.6inches

Blade Material: Folded Steel, electroplated to be red

Blade Length: 70cm / 27.5inches

Tsuba: Alloy DragonTsuba

Handle Length: 26cm/10


Medieval Masonic Templar Sword Knife Cosplay

Medieval Masonic Templar sword, gold version, 64.0cm long, 0.77kg net, 0.88kg with package, brand new replica, pointed, unsharpened;

Stainless steel blade, 43


Lord Of The Rings Witch King Angmar Wraith Aragorn Sword Scabbard Cosplay 42inches

LOTHR Witch King sword, Angmar Ring Wraith from the movie Lord of the Rings, 1.32kg net, 1.8kg gross, 105cm long, brand new, die casting, pointed, unsharpened;

Stainless steel blade, silver, 70cm long, 4.0cm wide, 0